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Whether an accident sends you suddenly spinning, or an illness has slowly taken its toll, InSpirit understands the challenges you face.  We know what a struggle it is to find good attendant care, and enough of it. We understand many of the unique health issues of people dealing with paralysis.  When you need peers to talk with, we are glad to help you find some.  We have experience with the various routes people have taken to receive funds from government agencies and insurers, and strive to stay up to date on legislation that affects our clients.  We are here for you! 

Attendant Care

The goal of our Financial Aid for Attendant Care Program is to empower quadriplegics in Northern California to sustain their health, continue their participation in their families and communities, and avoid nursing home placement.


Health Care

People living with quadriplegia have to attend to a wide variety of daily health care needs in order to maintain their health and well-being. InSpirit recognizes the importance of keeping our recipients aware of these needs and providing assistance whenever possible.


Support Groups

After being discharged from a hospital, many people with quadriplegia feel alone and isolated as they face the reality of their condition. Given this, they inevitably have many questions. InSpirit understands the challenges faced during this difficult transition. Support groups can provide guidance to people with quadriplegia and their friends, family, caregivers and others affected by their disability.

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Benefits Information

InSpirit’s support supplements the benefits our clients qualify to receive from other sources. Having up-to-date information about the programs is crucial. We do our best to keep track of the broader benefit picture.

Urgent Needs

InSpirit steps in to meet unique needs through its Urgent Needs Program. The program assists individuals with specific needs that help ensure their health, safety and ability to function independently. 

Wheelchair Accessibility

Advocacy & Legislative Info

InSpirit founder Aneice Taylor made many trips to Sacramento over the years, and while changes have happened, there is still so much that needs to be done. Check here for the most recent legislation pertaining to our community, and find advocacy groups working on making it possible for people with quadriplegia to thrive.

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