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What We Do

Our Mission

InSpirit helps our selected recipients affected by quadriplegia who find it difficult to make ends meet by raising funds so that they can augment the costs of their attendant care. Empowering our recipients helps them live in their own homes and prevent institutionalization so that they live longer and enjoy much more fulfilling lives.

We also disseminate information regarding attendant funding and related issues, provide emergent funds and equipment, and offer emotional support.

We are unique in that a large majority of the funds raised goes directly to our recipients.

We Provide Direct Monetary Grants to Our Recipients

We provide ongoing financial support to persons with insufficient resources for homecare so they may obtain stable, competent personal attendant care. The assistance we provide is most often used to procure more hours of care and/or to supplement the wages of caregivers. In the spirit of supporting our recipients’ independence, they are responsible for locating and managing their homecare workers. Grants for respite for family caregivers are also available.


InSpirit Grants Can Supplement IHSS Payments

For California residents with low income, which includes almost all of our recipients, IN HOME SUPPORTIVE SERVICES (IHSS) can provide up to 283 hours per month to each recipient at an average of $15.00 per hour (depending on the County) or around $4,245.00 per month.


But a severely disabled person needs 24 hours of care each day. 24 hours x 30 days = 720 hours which adds up to $360.00 daily, or $10,920 per month. That leaves a shortfall of almost $7000 per month. InSpirit provides $650.00 each month to help with this shortfall, still 60% short of ensuring complete care.


Impediments to Complete Care

Not all IHSS recipients receive the maximum of 283 hours—that decision is in the hands of the IHSS case worker. And finding caregivers who will work for $15.00 per hour is a daunting task.

InSpirit Assistance for Urgent Needs

When a recipient needs equipment such as a new wheelchair, or wheelchair repair, InSpirit can step in and help out through its Urgent Needs Program.

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InSpirit Advocacy

When possible, staff and board advocate for individual recipients on a micro level when they encounter difficult situations or their circumstances warrant additional funds. On the macro level, we meet with legislators and other officeholders to inform them of the tight financial position our recipients are compelled to occupy. That's an ongoing effort, and we hope to see a raising of the earning ceiling, as well as raising the amount of assets they may own.

Your Financial Support at Work

July 2022 – June 2023 Annual Budget 

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