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The well-being and independence of people affected by quadriplegia are challenged on a daily basis because of their extensive healthcare needs and extraordinary dependence on others. They must rely on personal care attendants for all activities of daily living, which most people take for granted: 


Constant vigilance is necessary to avoid numerous life-threatening complications such as respiratory problems, urinary tract infections, and skin breakdown. But the cost of attendant care is beyond the reach of most individuals and families. Insurance coverage for long-term home care is expensive and usually inadequate. People living with quadriplegia relying on job disability or retirement benefits often fall through the cracks because they cannot afford attendant care and they do not qualify for social assistance.

A strong support system and resources to hire skilled and reliable home care workers are needed to sustain health, family stability and independent activity. When the necessary supports are not available, individuals may experience failing health and isolation. Nursing home placement is usually a last resort.

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Get Involved - Help Us Make a Difference in
Our Recipient's Lives!


Your support can help make the difference between someone getting up and into their wheelchair or spending the day in bed. It can foster dignity and self-respect and bring a sense of community to those who might otherwise feel isolated.


InSpirit’s work is made possible by the willing hearts and hands of individuals who reach out to share their time, creativity and expertise. Your thoughtful ideas and heartfelt action can make a difference in our recipients' lives.

InSpirit's Annual Mother's Day Plant Sale

Early in the life of InSpirit, as Aneice Taylor and her friends thought about ways to raise money and raise consciousness, the idea of a community event came to mind.  There were many gardeners in her circle who could raise a few “extras” when they planted for their own backyards, so the Plant Sale was born!

DONORS & Sponsors


This is the largest donation I have ever made so it means a great deal to me to know how it can be used. I feel it is most fitting that this donation can be used to support the quality of someone else’s life. I thank InSpirit for providing the opportunity to do so.

Karen R. Emerson

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