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InSpirit's 2024 Plant Sale Blooms with Success.

May 20, 2024

Supporting individuals living with quadriplegia is a collective effort that thrives on community involvement and dedication. In a heartwarming display of unity, the community came together to make InSpirit's 2024 plant sale a remarkable success.

The Plant Sale is created by such a wonderful amalgam of people. Everyone involved knows that the goal is to raise funds to support InSpirit’s work, but the project brings out the talents of gardeners, carpenters, artists, and their friends. It has been going on for so long now, that there are some in the community who will be starting new plants for next year’s sale right after this year’s sale is over!

I start reminding home gardeners to put plants aside for us in October, when they may be dividing perennials that have outgrown their space, but the first gathering of the team who plants seeds at our greenhouse is in January. We sit with our notes from the year before, and think about what grew well and sold well, then we consider how to stretch our small budget as far as we can. Some years we have seeds left over from past seasons that we might be able to use again, if they pass our germination test. One of the first angels that comes along is the one who lets us buy seeds through her account at a discount.


By February we have our seeds decided. Next is to get enough soil to grow them! There are a flock of angels who help here. Manure enriched compost comes from the local horse ranch. Second time round, but nutrient rich planting mix comes from a local marijuana grower. A friend comes down the road with a wheelbarrow full of her garden soil, the person who always starts his tomatoes in new soil lets us come and dig up last years. Someone emails us that we can come dig leaf mold from under his trees. Another arrives with sacks of soil amendments. In a good year we may only need to buy one bag of seed starter.


The garden crew assembles, usually 3 or 4 regulars with an occasional drop in. We meet once a week to plant, and take turns watering the other days. First in are the sweet pea seeds. Another angel appears with two flats of spring flowers that should be sold well before the sale, so we start planning a greenhouse sale for them and peas and maybe spring bulbs.


The greenhouse is sturdy, but there are always repairs to make. Another angel calls to say he could come by next week after work.


For a couple of years, we had wonderful middle school interns who joined us after school, learning about plants and helping with watering and mixing soil. May that happen again!


While all this is going on at our greenhouse, gardeners all over the Valley and beyond are planting an extra container (or two or more) of seedlings for us. They are going out into their backyards and potting up bulbs, and herbs, and native plants so they will be well established before the sale. The retired teacher is again helping the school kids plant tomatoes and basil and flowers for us.


Did I mention the people who bring us plastic pots for our seedlings? The artists who bring us their ceramic pots? The yard sale sleuths who save garden related finds for us? The sign makers, the flyer distributors? The business that let us post in their windows?


It gets more intense of course as we get close to sale time. Time to check in with another angel: the coordinator who will head up the action on the day before and the day of the sale. Time to get the bedding plant donation from Fairfax Hardware, the keys to the toilet and the hose bib from the school secretary. Time to organize the drivers who will transport our treasures to the school, to see if the Lions Club will once again protect the plants overnight by covering the school lunch shelter with tarps. More angels! The banner goes up at the base of White’s Hill, the sandwich boards we have used for 30 years are spruced up and strategically placed. Our experts arrive to help us know the worth of this exotic, that hanging basket…


And it is finally sale day. The morning crew places tables, and moves hundreds of plants out from the lunch shelter to the spots Karen designates. The sellers, the cashiers, the waterers take their places. Board members man several spots, including the welcomer, who directs the buyers, old friends and new so they will find just the right plant for their backyard, their Mother’s Day gift, their front porch, their shady spot, their way too sunny spot, their child’s first time growing a tomato.


5 hours later hundreds of plants have found new homes, but hundreds remain, and it is time for the next angels to arrive to pack it all back up again, to bring the rest of the plants to their temporary home before…yes, the after-sale a week later.


This year I tried to make a thank you list of everyone who participated. I probably missed some, but even so there are more than 74 people, 4 organizations and one store. Donations for plants over the two sale days brought in more than $12,000, as well as hundreds of smiles. And by the end of the Summer it will also have brought in fresh tomatoes from many garden patches.


Thank you to this year’s gardeners, plant sale donors, and volunteers!


1.      Sherry Afrakhan

2.     Christin Anderson

3.     Kyra Auerbach

4.     Jason Bird

5.     Elvin Bishop

6.     Buck Chavez

7.     Kate Clayton

8.     John Cobb

9.     Diane Coughtry

10.    Barbara DenOuden

11.    Leo DenOuden 

12.    Calvin Donley

13.    Diane Easton-Brown

14.    Diana English

15.    Fairfax Hardware and Lumber

16.    Jerry Feickert

17.    Lee Feickert

18.    Stephen Feig

19.    Stephanie Fein

20.    Delaney Felder

21.    Edieann Fleming

22.    Roberta Floden

23.    Leslie Franklin

24.    Maya Friedman

25.    Gabi Friedrich

26.    Jorg Friedrich

27.    Richard Gray

28.    Joan Green

29.    John Gunnarson

30.    Marcia Gunnarson

31.    James Haworth

32.    Poppy Henderson

33.    Janet Hughes

34.    Peg Hunter

35.    John Kaufman

36.    Breeze Kinsey

37.    Steve Kinsey

38.    Kiersten Kotaka

39.    Kevin Kotaka

40.    Lagunitas Community School Students

41.    Lagunitas School District

42.    David Lakes

43.    Lois Lane

44.    Robert Lasser

45.    Judith Levin

46.    Avis Licht

47.    Nancy Rae Ludwigsen

48.    Marissa Marks

49.    Marty Meade

50.    Tony Miceli

51.    Laurie Mosher

52.    Dana Nolan

53.    Buck Parle

54.    Snuey Perlman

55.    Allison Puglisi

56.    David Puglisi

57.    Joe Puhalski

58.    Steve Rebscher

59.    Helen Romero

60.    Sarah Salin

61.    San Geronimo Valley Community Center

62.    San Geronimo Valley Lions Club

63.    Eileen Schatz

64.    Anastasia Scott

65.    Jaimie Shelton

66.    Gina Smith

67.    Hope Sofrenko

68.    Josh Traub

69.    Ryan Troy

70.    Amy Valens

71.    Lucca Alcaraz Valens

72.    Tom Valens

73.    Buzz Voytovitch

74.    Constance Washburn

75.    Tona Wheeler

76.    Molly Whitely

77.    Stefanie Wright

78.    Adam Yannow

79. Karen Zaccaglini

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