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Our "Light Up The Night" fundraising benefit was a big hit!

Sep 9, 2023

Our second annual event brought good energy and important support for our recipients.

It was all hustle and bustle at 3 pm on Sept 9th as the InSpirit Board and friends, led by Leslie Franklin, Hope Sofrencko, Marty Meade and Maya Friedman, transformed Sleepy Hollow’s Community Center into the perfect spot for InSpirit’s second fall fundraiser. Two hours later tablecloths and flowers were on the tables, auction items were well displayed, food and drinks were in place, and musicians were tuning up– ready to party as the first of 90 guests arrived!   

It was wonderful to have a spot with good wheelchair access, wonderful for some of our clients to be able to join us, and likewise wonderful for many of the donors to meet those clients for the first time. Beside board member Brian Jacobson, we welcomed Vanessa Osman, Quincy Seitz, Betsy Ayers, and Alan Meneses and members of their families.  

Happy chatter filled the room, as people grazed delicious hors d’oeuvres, and put their bids on silent auction items. When it came time to gather for the presentation of the Aneice Taylor Community Service Award, recognizing individuals who make an important difference in the lives of our clients, Aneice’s daughter Deva movingly introduced us to Deborah Fitzpatrick. A friend of Aneice from before her accident, Deborah “has been a dedicated supporter of InSpirit in each and every one of the 36 years since.” Deva reminded us that Aneice loved the image, meaning and action of “helping hands.” Deborah surely has always been a helping hand to InSpirit. It was a pleasure to see her presented with Marty Meade’s glass rendition of one of Aneice’s watercolors. Her acceptance speech brought tears to some of our eyes, as her family joined in the audience’s applause.   

Live auctioneer, Andrew Giacomini wasted no time in reminding us of what InSpirit’s work accomplishes, and why we should bid generously. The 2021 recipient of our Community Service Award for his unstinting help to our client Abelina, his graphic description of how Abelina and others are treated when they don’t have advocates definitely put people in the giving spirit!

Kevin Meade and Highway One ended the evening with songs. They got some folks to tear themselves away from the food and conviviality to make moves on the dance floor, while others enjoyed Kevin’s original lyrics happily seated, or as they paid for their auction items.

We raised $51,344 that helps our recipients pay for attendant care.

All that packed into 3 hours! 

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