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InSpirit Annual Plant Sale

It has grown mightily over the years, but has always been associated with Mother’s Day weekend.  In recent years as many as 40 growers contributed everything from Asparagus to Zinnias with plenty in between.  The mainstay is vegetable and flower seedlings but every year there are wonderful treasures from people’s gardens as well as their attics,and garden sheds.  Until 2020 the sale was held at Aneice Taylor’s home.  Since then it has happened on the San Geronimo Elementary School’s blacktop.

Not long into the life of the sale Amy Valens took on the role of organizer.  One of the parents in her classroom at the San Geronimo Open Classroom,  Karen Zaccaglini, suggested that students could be growing plants for the sale as well/ Ever since they have been major contributors, first under Karen’s guidance, and now for years under the guidance of retired teacher John Kaufman.

With community member Buck Parle’s guidance a straw bale greenhouse was constructed at Aneice’s home. It gave InSpirit a place to grow a much greater amount of plants, and a crew of gardeners began gathering to grow specifically for the sale.  Marcia Gunnarson has become Amy’s right hand and green thumb woman on that crew.  Several times members of the local Lion’s Club came to the rescue when the greenhouse needed repairs.  In the fall of 2020, when we could no longer use the original greenhouse, InSpirit board member Marty Meade offered land on her property. Buck was once again involved in building an InSpirit greenhouse, this time designed by Leo DenOuden. Lead carpenters Kevin Meade and Josh Traub joined Buck, and a bevy of volunteers painted, pounded and sawed away so that we could start planting in February of 2021!

The true beauty of the Plant Sale is that it is such a joyous celebration of community at the same time as it provides much needed funds. To participate in growing plants for the sale, contact Amy Valens: 

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