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Supporting  Independent Living for People with Quadriplegia

InSpirit believes people with quadriplegia deserve the right to remain in their own home with reliable care. There is strong evidence that both physical and mental health can decline when a person with a severe disability is forced to leave their home to live in a communal care setting. However, cost of home care remains a barrier to many. Medicaid & In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) do provide some financial assistance. However, for those who are severely disabled and require round-the-clock care, these funds are woefully insufficient.

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Get Involved - Help Us Make a Difference in
Our Recipient's Lives!


Your support can help make the difference between someone getting up and into their wheelchair or spending the day in bed. It can foster dignity and self-respect and bring a sense of community to those who might otherwise feel isolated.


InSpirit’s work is made possible by the willing hearts and hands of individuals who reach out to share their time, creativity and expertise. Your thoughtful ideas and heartfelt action can make a difference in our recipients' lives.

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